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Help and support during last weeks of pregnancy

“Thank you so very much for all of your help and support during my last 15 weeks of pregnancy. I truly believe that without your help, our beautiful baby girl would have come much too early! Thanks also for all of your emotional and nutritional help; it made a huge difference in my daily life, and was much appreciated!”


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Helped my overall well-being during my pregnancy

“I wanted to let you know how much I appreciated the work you did with me during my pregnancy. The acupuncture helped me in many ways. I initially came to you because I was having painful sinus headaches. The acupuncture sessions helped to alleviate those very well. The added benefit was that we worked on other problematic areas, my back

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Healthy conception and pregnancy

“Being 38 at the time, I wanted every advantage possible with respect to a healthy conception and pregnancy. I was pregnant three months later. I continued to see Lori on a regular basis throughout my pregnancy and what a powerful and healing experience my work with her was. We worked through everything from the physical challenges of pregnancy (morning sickness,

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Helped prepare my body and mind for labor

“I found Lori’s services to be absolutely essential, and beyond that comforting, for both getting pregnant and then throughout my pregnancy. I had such a wonderful experience with her and genuinely felt like my sessions helped me have a smooth pregnancy (we also got pregnant within 1 month of started treatment with her).

Unfortunately, my 9th month of pregnancy

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