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Rates and payment

Meridian DollThere is a discount for those paying with cash, check or Zelle vs. a credit, debit or HSA (Health Savings account) card.

Initial visit

  • For acute conditions/musculo-skeletal issues, 60 minutes, $165 ($160)
  • For fertility/reproductive health/chronic/multiple issues, 90 minutes, $225 ($220)

Follow-up visits

  • $125 ($120)

Home visit

  • Not available during Covid-19.


  • Sessions via video call for current clients: 10-60 minutes, $20-125

Phone consult/research requests

  • 20-30 minutes, $65 ($63)

Payments and Cancellations

Less than 24 hours cancellation will be charged a full fee. During Covid-19, no fee will be charged for health or exposure related cancellations.

Payment is made at the end of the treatment session or shortly after you leave.

Those who want to bill their insurance company or who have a health savings account (HSA) or medical savings account (MSA) that requires documentation can receive a “superbill” receipt at the end of the month that they can submit for reimbursement.

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