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General information about acupuncture and Chinese Medicine

Fertility – great resources and support

Western/Allopathic Fertility Specialists

For women’s wellness care (including gentle pap smears) Lisa Rader, N.P. – 805-696-9600.

For consultation, diagnostics and treatment including IVF:

Dr. Rene Allen, 805-965-3400

Southern California Reproductive Center

Santa Barbara office: 805-569-1950

Dr. Mark Surrey, Dr. Daniel Rychlik

Fertility & Surgical Associates of California

Thousand Oaks, CA

Dr. Richard Buyalos, Dr. Gary Hubert,  Dr. Ashim V. Kumar

Pregnancy and post partum

Having a doula support you and your spouse/partner before, during and after labor is truly wonderful.

Jennifer Gibian – Birth and Postpartum Doula – 805-448-0325

Virginia Bobro – Childbirth preparation, breast feeding assistance

Dr.Marsha Smirnov, D.C., FICPA is a chiropractor specializing in prenatal, postpartum, & pediatric care.  805-680-3110;

To learn about the potential life saving benefits of cord blood banking please visit:

You can also download a free guide about how cord blood banking works at 

Pregnancy massage

Victoria Marsh – prenatal massage, labor & infant massage lessons, 805-682-8096

Fredda Spirka – prenatal yoga/exercise, massage, 805-682-5141

Maryejo del Meijer – massage, reflexology, coaching, hypnotherapy, 805-455-1831

Elizabeth Roscoe – sliding scale pregnancy massage, 805-245-3549


Bio-Energetic Synchronization Technique (B.E.S.T.) – a non-invasive, effective, neurological re-set to undo physical, emotional, physical patterns that cause pain, fear or a lack of goal manifestation. Linda Croyle -805-450-7125. Blog, coaching, workshops for helping you achieve happiness and your full potential. 

Massage Gruver (805-680-1984) Deep tissue, trigger point, injuries, medical massage.

Simone Byers (805-452-8240) Swedish, Pregnancy, Shiatsu, Reflexology, Lymph, Thai, Yoga therapy.

Janette Cross (805-452-5749) Relaxing and nurturing – Hot stone, Swedish, Thai hybrid.

Holly Hungett (805-562-9216) Soothing, light/medium pressure. Also does Craniosacral therapy.

Jada Delaney (415-242-0864) Chinese Abdominal Massage/Chi Nei Tsang.