Patient Information

Decorative display of Chinese medicien tools with acupuncture needles, herbs and also flowers


Our office is in the Hollister Professional Park (HPP) near the corner of Hollister and Patterson. From the 101 North or South, take the Patterson exit and turn toward the ocean. At the Hollister stoplight, take a left onto Hollister. Get into the left turn lane at the Nueva Vida Church and take a left into the HPP complex (designated by a large beige sign). Drive straight through the first parking lot and Building B will be ahead on the right. Suite 214 is on the 1st floor and you will be facing it when you enter the courtyard. When traveling north on Hollister, such as from Turnpike, you can also access parking and the building by making a right before you get to Patterson.

Please note: We are not part of Goleta Acupuncture and Wellness Clinic which is in the same building.

First visit

Please print and complete paperwork at bottom of page. If you would like to fill out the intake form/s in the office, please arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled appointment time.

If available, please bring recent lab work and fertility patients, please bring basal body charts.

The initial visit lasts 60-90 minutes. We will discuss your medical history and your current health concerns, and you will receive an acupuncture treatment.

Subsequent visits last up to 1 hour.

What to expect/how to prepare for treatment

Please refrain from heavy exercise or eating a large meal right before or after treatment.

It is also important to not be ravenous at your visit as it can be hard to relax with a grumbling stomach.

In Chinese Medicine, part of assessing one’s health is to look at the tongue and to do a thorough pulse taking. There are three pulse positions on each side that correspond to different organ systems. I’m not just taking a rate, but feeling for specific qualities.

Acupuncturists also ask a series of questions to all patients which helps give an overall sense of the patient’s health. I will be inquiring about your digestion, elimination, sleep, emotional well-being, etc. 

Most patients remain clothed and just need to remove their shoes and socks for treatment. If I need to treat your back or another area that requires some disrobing, gowns and drapes are available. It is helpful for you to wear loose, comfortable clothing.

Treatments occur on a massage table that is draped with a clean sheet.

Needles are sterile and only used once. They are very fine, more like a filament or thick strand of hair than a needle. The experience is nothing like getting a shot. Once all of the points are in, the patient relaxes on the table for about 20 minutes. You can enjoy silence, soft music or a guided meditation – your choice! Patients often nap.

I may make dietary, lifestyle and/or herbal recommendations.

Between visits please take notes of any changes in your symptoms/pain.

For more information about what to expect, please see FAQ section.

Rates and payment

There is a 3% discount for those paying with cash or check vs. a credit, debit or HSA (Health Savings account) card.

Initial visit

For acute conditions/musculo-skeletal issues, 60 minutes, $140 ($144) 

For fertility/reproductive health/chronic/multiple issues, 90 minutes, $180 ($185)

Follow-up visits – $95 ($98)

Home visit – $160-190  (Santa Barbara & Goleta only. Additional fees may apply for longer distance)

Telehealth sessions via FaceTime or Zoom for current clients: 10-30 minutes, $22-65

Phone consult/research requests, 21-30 minutes, $55

Less than 24 hours cancellation, Full fee

You are also welcome to schedule with my amazing associates Jetta Harris, L.Ac. and Monica Kaderali, L.Ac.

Their fees are as follows:

Initial 60 minute: $110 ($113)

Initial 90 minute: $135 ($139)

Follow-up visits: $90 ($93)

Payment is made at the end of the treatment session. 

Those who want to bill their insurance company or who have a health savings account (HSA) or medical savings account (MSA) that requires documentation can receive a “superbill” receipt at the end of the month that they can submit for reimbursement. 


All patients please complete the new patient form. Fertility and other reproductive health clients please also fill out the fertility questionnaire. 

Thank you.