During COVID


Since we are sheltering in place and maintaining physical distance, I can’t perform acupuncture right now. I can however support you with other tools from the Traditional Chinese Medicine treasure chest!

I’m offering 10-30 minute telehealth sessions via Zoom or Facetime for current clients. Options include:

    *Instruction for acupressure – especially helpful for fertility clients and those who would normally be receiving labor prep acupuncture

    *Help designing a personalized wellness plan (including nutrition, lifestyle, herbs)

    *Support in continuing with your current plan

    *Herbal/supplement support (see below)

I can help you with herbs and supplements (especially for prevention or if you’re having symptoms) in the following ways:

    *Talk through what you have available at home and what you may need

    *Purchase from what I have in stock 

    *Order through my Wellevate online dispensary, receive a discount, and have the herbs/supplements delivered to your home. Please click the link below to set up an account then I can send you my “flu prevention and care” protocol. https://wellevate.me/lori-guynes

    *I can order you herbs in pill form or as herbal granule formulas that you mix with warm water and drink like a tea and have them drop shipped to you

I look forward to supporting you during this challenging time and I’m wishing wellness and safety for you and your family.